Resident Evil Village (8) Review

At long last the newest installment into the mainline Resident Evil franchise has arrived. Released 4 years after Resident Evil 7 and after 2 remakes it’s back to a brand new story.Resident Evil is my second favorite gaming franchise and I absolutely loved Resident Evil 7, so I’m very excited to get a chance toContinue reading “Resident Evil Village (8) Review”

Mom Hid My Game Review

Developed by: hap inc. Released: 2016 (2020 for PS4) Platforms: Ps4, Switch, 3DS, iOS, Android Genre: Puzzle Players: 1 I saw this on the Golden Week Sale on the PS4 for €3.75 ($3.99) and I figured it had to be at least worth that price, it looked like some silly fun and if you readContinue reading “Mom Hid My Game Review”

Final Fantasy 1

This is it. My very first review, for the very first Final Fantasy, the very beginning of my favorite franchise in all of gaming, and the game that inspired me to start writing. Released back in December 18th 1987 ( July 12th 1990 outside of Japan) by SquareSoft (Now Square Enix) this was the veryContinue reading “Final Fantasy 1”