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Originally released in late 2020 for the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox, Ty The Tasman Tiger stars…….well, a Tasmanian Tiger, named Ty. Last year after years of hoping, the game finally received a well deserved remaster by Krome Studios for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It clearly did well enough that the second game “Bush Rescue” is set to release very soon after, set to release in the coming months. I was part of the first Kickstarter when I was lucky enough to discover it a few days before it ended and I was very happy to be part of the second game’s funding as soon as it was announced. So I thought it might be fun to give the first game a review in preparation for the next game.

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is a 3d platformer taking place on an Australian inspired island. You play as Ty who is tasked with finding enough Thunder Eggs to power a machine made by Julius ( a Koala Bear) to get 5 talismans before the evil Boss Cass.

You play through a variety of different levels in vastly different environments from snow covered mountain’s to beach resorts. Each level has a set of different objective’s that will each give you a Thunder Egg., usually involving the collection of all 300 opal (little red, egg shaped items scattered around each level) freeing 5 bilbies from wooden cages and then other missions specific to each area. Like most games of this nature, you don’t have to collect everything or do every mission, so there’s plenty of room to avoid certain tasks that might seem unpleasant.

Swimming around can suck a little bit.

Ty’s main method of combat are his trusty boomerang’s, you obtain more by collecting golden cogs hidden around the levels and each one gives you different abilities, freezerang, for freezing, blazerang for burning, infrarang for detecting the almost invisible boxes to collect concept art, etc, these boomerang’s can also be used to further explore the hub are to collect more secret’s and find more level’s to explore. Ty also has a bite attack which can be charged up for a super bite.

All Of Ty’s Boomerang’s

It’s pretty hard to tell how much of the game’s quality is due to it holding up really well and how much is due to the remaster, the only annoying flaw I really found in this new version of the game was that sometime’s while falling down large areas and gliding, the motion controls would suddenly take over and there was no way to turn it off, which meant you would suddenly be turning in a different direction and miss thing’s you are trying to collect, however that problem was fixed months ago so that’s a great sign.

Overall the whole game was a real joy to play from start to finish, the game-play is amazing still, the world i beautiful, the characters are all extremely memorable and you can just tell the developers really care about what they are doing. It is admittedly pretty short, you will probably finish everything in less than half a day if you just sat down and played, but it would be a wonderful half a day.

This game get’s a 9/10

It really just oozes charm every second and it is hard to find much fault, it may be somewhat dated for some people and it doesn’t handhold too much or tell you where every collectable item is, but that’s part of the fun and the level’s are usually pretty small anyway.

I’m extremely excited about the sequel being remastered, while I love the first game, the 2nd one is what I really remember from my childhood. I eagerly await it’s release date being announced for PS4 and I really hope it does well enough for them to remaster the 3rd game too, I missed out on that one when I was younger so it would be nice to finally play.


I’ve left a link to Krome Studio’s Kickstarter page below.


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