My Top 10 PS1 Games

I didn’t really grow up with a PS1, while there was one in my house it was more of something my brothers owned than me. I had more time with the N64 and Super Nintendo. I did have enough time to find some favorites though and when I got my own PS2 I was able to revisit a few games, so it’s no real surprise that most games here are games I found as a child. I plan to do one of these for every console I love, but certain consoles are expectantly more limited in how many games I experienced, especially when growing up.
My criteria here will basically be how much childhood fondness there is and how well they held up when playing again. So here are my top 10 games on the original Playstation.

Crash Bandicoot 1

I bet any fans immediately hear the iconic theme in their head.

Unfortunately I was never hugely into the Crash Bandicoot series, as a child it was so hard I couldn’t beat the 3rd or 4th level, as a adult i only tend to enjoy the first one. That being said I really do like the original quite a lot, I like it’s more linear progression, it’s simplicity appealed to me more and even going for 100+ % felt way more manageable. This game made me feel joy and anger as well as deep pride when I finally pushed through. Maybe only #10 on this list, but number 1 for me in terms of the Crash Series.

Tekken 3

My favorite fighting game franchise

Tekken is a franchise i didn’t really get very into until Tekken 4. I have vague memories of playing Tekken 2 or 3 with my brothers once or twice but I really don’t remember much about it. I didn’t play Tekken 3 until many years later, probably after Tekken 6 had already come out. There is definitely more nostalgia and love for Tekken 2, but the third game had more characters, was snappier and faster and of course, mot importantly, had Tekken force ( a beat em up style way to play) and Tekken ball (bowling). While it can be pretty hard for some to play older Tekken game nowadays, they are still very fun and playable to this day, especially if you have fond memories playing them when they first came out.


The original worms. A humble beginning.

While nowadays there are so many Worms games you don’t even know where to look, this is the very first. I put so many hours into this game with my brothers and my friends and we always had a great time. I absolutely loved finding a new TV show or game that I would love and then naming my team of worms after them to fight it out. Of course this game is extremely basic and dated by today’s standards (worms are basically little dots on the screen) even in the PS2 era i showed this game to my cousin’s and they couldn’t take it seriously. However it holds a special place in my heart and I still think it’s a very charming little game that I will always love.

Try to imagine this on a TV smaller than 20 inches.

Spyro 3

Do I even need to say anything?

This is the first game I ever remember owning. I got it Christmas day while my older brother got Tarzan, which is a great game too don’t get me wrong, but I feel like we both agreed that I got the better experience here. Not only a great Spyro experience but it also had fantastic mini-games, from a top-down twin stick shooter style game as Sparx, or a great skateboarding mini-game that I probably played more than the main game. Collecting the dragon eggs was always really fun too, finding out their names and seeing their cute little animation was half the fun. In terms of pure nostalgia this is one of the most childhood defining games for me so of course it had to make this list, it was one of the first I thought of when I started thinking about this list.

Rugrats: Search For Reptar

It’s just too cute.

Probably the first somewhat surprising entry, this game was probably just around at the perfect time for me. I loved Rugrats as a kid but was hard to get my hands on this, I remember renting it once and enjoying it a lot and I played other Rugrats games to, but nothing could compare to the original. The game looks perfectly like the show, you have the whole Pickle’s house to explore and many mini-games to play throughout the story. If you like the show then this game will most likely ooze so much charm that it’s hard to handle. Probably not something I could recommend to someone that doesn’t enjoy the Rugrats, but I played it this year and I still had a great time for the majority of the game.

Played this on a demo disc soooo many times.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

This is one I actually didn’t play even close to when it came out, I tried once when i was a child, saw zombies coming at me, panicked and turned the game off. We had a scratched broken disc so it’s very possible that I tried but couldn’t. It wasn’t until years later when I was 15/16 when I saw Resident Evil Apocalypse that I found a friend who owned the game and finally got to really play. I loved Nemesis so much that I couldn’t hold back any longer.
Needless to say I loved it a lot, Nemesis was as terrifying as I had hoped and the rest didn’t disappoint either, it’s my favorite of the PS1 era of Resident Evil and still one of my favorite Resident Evil games. I still vividly remember the horror I felt when Nemesis jumped through a window randomly with a rocket launcher and the time he impaled Brad with his massive tentacle, Nemesis will always be one of Resident Evil’s greatest monsters.

I’m sure everyone remembers this scene.

Metal Gear Solid

One of the most iconic video games of all time

The first Metal Gear game to go into 3D and it transitioned perfectly. I don’t even think I would need to say anything about this, I feel like people even now realize how big and great the original Metal Gear Solid was. Even right now with rumors of a remake, people are still excited about this game and for good reason. Solid Snake is back and cooler than ever with his iconic voice acing job by David Hayter, the game-play still holds up fantastically, the characters are all amazing and overall it is still one of the greatest and most genre defining games of all time. Everything from the music to the boss battles to the alert sounds, this game is still known to people today even if they don’t realize it. Coming close to it’s 24th anniversary, it is still an iconic and beloved game that people are just as passionate about today as they were 24 years ago. Here’s hoping the 25th anniversary will give the loyal and passionate fans, something they deserve.

Anyone who experienced this, will never forget.

Final Fantasy 7

Possibly the most well know RPG of all time

Of course Final Fantasy 7 would make the list, how could it not? it’s one of the biggest games of all time, it’s easily the most well known Final Fantasy, the remake is doing spectacularly and all for good reason, the game is amazing and beautiful.

What can I say about Final Fantasy 7 that hasn’t been said a million times? It practically put JRPG’s on the map, it’s one of the most beloved games of all time, many people love JRPG’ because of this game and so many people hold this game as their favorite of all time.

Hands that look like little paintbrushes :’)

While obviously looking very dated even by PS1 standards, for it’s time it still looks good for a game of it’s size and for anyone who played it when it came out it’s charm is easily enough to break through and technical limitations. Some of Final Fantasy’s most well known and iconic characters, music and moments, came from this game. The story, the twists and mini-games are still very fun to experience. The game has easily stood the test of time with people (me included) still being very passionate about it even now, with the remake’s first part releasing a little over a year ago, the Intergrade dlc coming next month and the second part of the remake hopefully coming soon, I remain just as excited about Final Fantasy 7 as I did when I first played it and I know for a fact, I am not alone with my passion for this game. I know I speak for a lot of us when I say, I can’t wait for more.

Final Fantasy 8

This was my first in the franchise I never knew I would fall in love with

So despite my love and respect for Final Fantasy 7, I do like this one a little bit more.
For one, this was the first I played, it was in my house earlier than I can remember and even though I barely knew how to play, I somehow managed to get to the end of disc 1, I could never get further however due to very scratchy PS1 discs, the game would always freeze in disc 1’s (absolutely epic and beautiful) final scenes. This was always something I wanted to play more of as a child, but it was impossible apart from a special PS1 demo disk that let me play a save file at the end of disc 4 (the only one of mine that worked flawlessly)

The scene I partly watched at least 50 times

The graphics were a huge leap from Final Fantasy 7 in such a short time, even now the FMV’s in this game still blow me away, the opening cinematic, Squall on top of the hip on the way to Dollet or the more well know Garden battle (if you know you know) as a child I always looked forward to each and every FMV.

The Summon’s, named Guardian Forces in this game were better than ever and I still think the summon animations are more epic than any other Final Fantasy before or after.
And the music, is some of the best. The opening song, Liberi Fatali still gives me chills,Eyes on me is beautiful and there’s so many more.

While the characters might nor be as consistently great as Final Fantasy 7, there are some lovable one’s here, I love Squall, Seifer, Selfie and most of the rest are likable too and the story they take place in is one of my favorites even if it is a bit of a complicated mess.

So overall, this is my favorite of the PS1 Final Fantasy games and the fat that it was my first is probably a big factor in that, this game has a hold on me that I couldn’t break if I tried, it’s one of the earliest games I remember and even if I’m in more of a minority by placing this so close to the top, I absolutely adore this game, faults and all.

Still blow me away every time.

Digimon World

Still the best Digimon game I think

This it it, number 1, my favorite PS1 game of all time and even one of my favorite games in the world. While I don’t quite remember the day I got this game quite as well as others, I still remember the first time playing it, the fun of getting my first digimon, digi-volving him into what i didn’t expect, slightly expanding the city, it was magical.

If you haven’t played any of these games, you start off with your partner Digimon (Agumon or Gabumon depending on how you answer questions) you are a human sucked into the digital world and you raise your Digimon through training, fighting, food items etc and collect more Digimon to join your city

They poop, anywhere.

There is a large variety of Digimon for you to raise and evolve through training stats, feeding, taking to the toilet etc, it’ basically a much more fleshed out and awesome digital pet. There’s lot’s of area’s to explore, mini-games to play (fishing, curling, etc) and secrets to discover. Most Digimon you find will be recruited to build your city through battle, but some are recruited by doing other favors such as helping run a shop for a day or solving a puzzle.

Bottom line is, I love this game so much that when Digimon World Next Order was announced on the PS4, I wanted to cry, it was a nostalgia overload to play and I always hope they will release more Digimon.I spent so much time on this trying to get certain Digimon and find every little secret the game had to offer. It’s my favorite PS1 game of all time and easily one of my most cherished games ever. So if you’re a fan of Digimon, definitely check this out, even though I loved the Cyber Sleuth games, this one is still my all time favorite Digimon game.

Well that’s it, my favorite PS1 games ever, hope you liked it and maybe found some good recommendations if you haven’t played them yet.

Thank you for reading.
Let me know what games touched you childhood.
I love hearing stories about why certain games really had an impact on you.

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