Resident Evil Village (8) Review

Resident Evil Village (8)

At long last the newest installment into the mainline Resident Evil franchise has arrived. Released 4 years after Resident Evil 7 and after 2 remakes it’s back to a brand new story.
Resident Evil is my second favorite gaming franchise and I absolutely loved Resident Evil 7, so I’m very excited to get a chance to talk about it like this.

Full disclosure, I was skeptical about buying this so early, I didn’t know if I was in a place where I felt like playing through a Resident Evil right now, while I enjoyed the castle demo that I played, I wasn’t too sold, but I decided to do it anyway because I guess I felt the need. Boy am I glad I did, spoiler alert for the rest of this review, but I am very happy with this game and I had an absolute blast with the 3 days I spent playing it.

Resident Evil Village take place 3 years after the events of Resident Evil 7, Ethan and Mia now living in Europe with their 6 month old, Rose. You have a cute little intro putting Rose to bed while being able to explore your house and find little callbacks to the previous game (newspaper articles, a Mr.Everywhere figurine etc) and discovering that Ethan and Mia are still haunted by the events of the Baker incident. You’re quickly interrupted by Chris Redfield and some soldiers who shoot Mia, take Rose, knock Ethan out and take you both away. Very soon you wake up and see your transport vehicle was attacked and you make your way to the titular village and he game truly begins.

Mia and Rose.

This game really spends a while making you wait for something to happen, not in a negative way however, it just builds things up so beautifully that you want something to try to kill you to relieve the tension,you always wonder if those noises are enemies nearby or if it’s jut trying to build up more tension and add to the spooky atmosphere.

The game looks amazing of course, the Resident Evil engine continues to impress. The main village itself is absolutely beautiful, it’s a fantastic main area filled with snow and locked doors and plenty of secrets to keep coming back to as you progress throughout the story.

The Village Is Stunning.

Game-play wise it’s mostly what you can expect if you played Resident Evil 7, aiming and shooting are identical (unless they’re are some intricate details that go over my head) typewriters are back for saving and they look fancier than ever before, goat statues are the new Mr.Everywhere/Mr. Racoon, you even have a car sequence. There are a few things introduced however, such as a heavily revamped crafting system to make healing items and ammunition, a charming little journal to keep track of the events of the story. You can also buy weapons, ammo, upgrades and items from “The Duke” using Lei collected from enemies and found along the way (who even given a cute little reference to the beloved Merchant from Resident Evil 4 if you pay attention) Nothing huge added, but i don’t think it needed much, if it’s not broken as they say.

See, it’s fancy as hell.

Very soon you find yourself dragged to “Castle Dimitrescu” which was part of the 2nd demo, where you get to briefly meet the antagonists of the game, Mother Miranda and the 4 Lords Of The Village.. I enjoyed it significantly more than the demo, it felt less like just running and trying to find an exit when played in it’s entirety. The enemy variety is already more impressive than Resident Evil 7 by this point alone, there are multiple enemy varieties and they can even wield a variety of different weapons to make it feel more fresh (seeing lycans holding swords is kind of wonderful) I ended up finishing the whole castle on my first sitting because of how addicting it was.

The puzzles show themselves to be a very mixed bag, you have great one like finding well hidden bells or really cool toys like screwball scramble ( if anyone remembers that) but then you have things like pushing a lit hanging lantern with your head for some reason, or playing the piano where you have to play all the right notes but there’s no failing so you just push them until you succeed. Also it’s frustrating how some puzzles can have “wrong item” on screen for about 10 second before you can make another attempt.

Puzzles like these were a nostalgia overload.

Every boss fight was unique, memorable and a joy to kill. They each have a designated area of the map to their own and apart from the last one, which I felt lasted a little too long in an area I didn’t love, I love them all, even the one I didn’t love had some moments that gave me a great thrill. House Beneviento was my personal favorite, one part of it even scared me so bad at one point that I swear I felt my brain physically shake a little bit( seriously not even exaggerating).

After you finish the game you get CP to purchase extra bonuses such as Mercenaries mode, which is a score attack game like in Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 special weapons, infinite ammo etc.

If I was going to rattle off a few negatives I would say
-Map not always clear on exits into larger areas, sometimes what looks like a wall on the map leads to a new area, making exploring a bit more awkward.

-Checkpoints badly placed sometimes, at one area if you die you go back around a minute just to be killed and do it again just for another attempt to find a tiny hole in corner.

-skipping cut-scenes by mistake can be too easy, it’s the default placement of the cursor when you pause so if you push x you skip with no warning.

-asking if you want to lower difficulty when you die, always a pet peeve when you have to say no instead of them just giving an option.

You might see this thing 3 or 4 times if you mess up.

Those few gripes however did not hold this game back, it is an absolutely horrifying and beautiful experience from start to finish. It somehow manages to even be really funny at time without losing any of it’s terrifying mood and trust me it can be one of the scariest Resident Evil games to date at some points, even playing in safety of daylight (in game and in real life) it doesn’t take away from it’s long time reputation of being on of the scariest series of video games out there.

Capcom had a slight misstep with the remake of Resident Evil 3 and it made me slightly worried, but this Resident Evil Village has restored my faith a lot. With a possibility of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica ( my favorite one) being the next remake and Resident Evil 9 eventually coming too, I am personally very excited for the future of this franchise, I know no matter what game they show next, I well be there for it right from the beginning.
Thank you Capcom, this truly was one of the best yet, and easily a worthy contender for the best game of the year.

I give this game a 9/10

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