Mom Hid My Game Review

Developed by: hap inc.

Released: 2016 (2020 for PS4)

Platforms: Ps4, Switch, 3DS, iOS, Android

Genre: Puzzle

Players: 1

I saw this on the Golden Week Sale on the PS4 for €3.75 ($3.99) and I figured it had to be at least worth that price, it looked like some silly fun and if you read this before the 12th of May 2021, you can get it for sale too.

The premise of the game is exactly how it sounds, you’re a kid, you played your “DS” a bit too long so your Mom hid it and she would rather you die than get it back. Your goal is to go through the games 50 levels to find it by clicking objects to make them open, fall and more, all the while being careful not to click any areas or objects where Mom might be hiding. It could be hidden anywhere anywhere, on top of curtains, under a couch or even in an alligators mouth. Along the way you will find items to help you such as ladders to help reach the ds on top of something, or a sweeping brush to reach it from under the couch.

You gotta get the ladder without clicking on mom. Or else

After you beat the 50 levels you get a little mini-game called Horizontal Bar, which i basically just pressing X at the right time to make the man spin enough to do a flip and give yourself a funny rating at end, with 45 to collect in total.

It’s funny for a few minutes, nice little bonus.

If you are into trophies this game is mostly simple, it just requires you to beat the levels and get the 45 ending results in the horizontal bar, which as far as I can tell is random so that part can take a while, it took me roughly 45 minutes but some people have spent over 2 hours on it.

I just felt like writing a little piece because in 50 levels things get wacky weird, fun and the surprise of what comes next is half the fun. It’s always cheap so I can’t not recommend it if fun short mini-games are something you enjoy.

Even after 50 levels though, I still can’t decide if the music is horribly addicting or just trying to give me a headache but considering the game will probably last 2 hours at the absolute most it’s not too much of an issue.

I give this game a 7/10

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